Cookie use policy

Cookies are text files that the website sends to the user browser. The browser saves the information and sends it back to the web server at the next access to the web site; this allows an easier navigation and an easier use of the website itself.

This website uses the following types of cookies:

Technical Cookies:
this kind of cookies are used to offer the user a better service. For example the ones of Google Analytics or Cookie Guard and the ones that the website uses to improve the user navigation experience (eg. the website language).
For this type of cookie there is no need to ask the user consensus for their use.

Session Cookies:
these kind of cookies are temporary that are stored in the cookie folder of the user computer to persist the navigation session.
The use of the Session Cookies (that are not stored permanently on the user computer and are erased closing the browser) is finalized to:
(i) facilitate the navigation of the website and the use of the applications accessible through the website itself;
(ii) gather anonym statistic information on the use of the website and grant the correct behavior.
This website uses this kind of cookies.

Editorial and profilation Cookies:
profiling cookies, using the workds of the law, are "used to create profiles concerning the user and are used to send advertisment messages in accordance to the preferences shown by the user during the navigation inthe network".
For this kind of cookie it's mandatory to display an adequate informative and a request of consensus because both the law and the European Community regulator consider them invasive for the user privacy.
Editorial cookies are third party cookies installed by the website owner. This type of cookies can be used but the editor is required to create a dedicated informative page with a description of which type of cookie are used and the reason for that. The differenc betweek profiling cookies and is that the regulator accepts that an editor can't be informed about all the third party cookies that are installed and on their function. In this case it is acceptable that the editor inserts a link to the third party cookie policy – to provide the required informative.
This website does NOT uses profiling cookies, while could use editorial cookie for the access statistics (through Google Analytics)

It is possible to navigate this website without the use of the cookies

The majority of the web browser accepts cookies automatically.
It is possible to avoid the automatic saving of cookies selecting the dedicated optiopn offered by the browser.
To have further information about this operation it is possible to refer to the browser instructions. Through the browser it is possible to erase in any moment any cookie that has been stored on the hard drive.
The choice of not accepting cookies in the browser may make a little more complicate the navigation on the web site or limit the use of the available applications of the website itself.